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Breakout Shooting is a nice game, in which you should simply
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Breakout Shooting is an enjoyable and addictive game, in which you should destroy all the balls to get to the next level. All the levels have a different background and most of them feature a beautiful landscape. The game includes three different modes, all of them with three levels of difficulty. For all of them the rules are the same: destroy all the balls as quickly as possible. However, Arcade and Expert modes include much more effects and bonuses that will help you to finish the levels faster, as well as different objects and stuff to make the levels more attractive and enjoyable. In the Vs computer mode, you play against the computer trying to destroy all its balls before it destroys yours. The game gives you three lives and allows you to regulate the power of the ball when you hit it, and all the bonuses you collect during a level last till the end of it. Moreover, the Breakout Shooting game features wonderful graphics, good sound effects, and suitable music. It will provide hours and hours of fun for people of all ages.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics
  • Good effects and music
  • Enjoyable and addictive
  • Three modes and levels of difficulty for each


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